The Oric Power Switch


The Oric-1

Like many home computers of the early 80's, the Tangerine Computers Oric-1 does not have a power switch. When you need to reset the computer you have to remove the power plug from the computer. This wears out the power socket on the computer causing intermittant power and eventually failure.

This is just a quick and simple project to resolve this annoyance with the Oric home computer. The basic premise is a switch that can be plugged in-line with the power supply.

The Oric power supply has a 2.1mm DC jack plug so all that is needed is a 2.1mm socket, 2.1mm plug with a switch in between. The power supply then plugs into the 2.1mm socket and the 2.1mm plug plugs into the Oric. An LED with suitable resistor can be connected to the ouput side of the switch to indicate when the power is on.

The circuit diagram is as follows;

Circuit Diagram

I decided to house this simple little circuit in a small project box. All the required parts were obtained from my local Maplin.

Parts List:

Qty Part No. Item Description Notes
1 JK09K 2.1mm DC Socket Chassis Mount
1 HH60Q 2.1mm DC Plug Mounted directly into project box
1 RD19V SPST Rocker Switch  
1 M1K0 Resistor 1K 0.25W 5%  
1 WL28F LED 5mm Green  
1 UK15R LED Bezel 5mm  
1 KC92A Project Box  

The finished project...

 Completed Power Switch #2

Completed Power Switch #1