Hi, I'm Gary The Penguin, curator of the Retroseum project. Welcome to my small corner of the world wide web!

Retroseum is dedicated to the preservation of our computing and technological history. We preserve old home computers, business computers, games consoles, calculators, old software and virtually anything over 10 years old with a CPU. All Retroseum exhibits have been either rescued, donated or purchased by retroseum and where possible lovingly restored / repaired by my very own flippers. More...

I am currently busy catalogueing, testing and repairing all the Retroseum exhibits with the intention of opening the online virtual museum some-time in the future...... So watch this space!

We also have future plans to setup an online shop selling retro memorabilia, surplus stock and spares. All monies generated from the shop will go directly back into funding Retroseum and its projects.

Current Progress / Latest News:

11th September 2018 - Added Retroseum Projects to the website.
20th April 2018 - For the first time I will be including digitally distributed game titles as more and more are only available as downloads. I guess it's the future of gaming!
4th May 2017 - Happy Star Wars Day! The web-server has been given a little upgrade as the faithful little Raspberry Pi Model B has been retired and the site is now hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3.
31st December 2016 - Another year has gone by and I still have a lot of exhibits to fix and catalogue.
22nd April 2013 - An Exhibit Search Tool has been added to allow a quick search of the Retroseum database.
2nd January 2013 - The Retroseum website is now hosted on a Raspberry Pi.
September 2012 - A huge collection of over 100 retro computers has been donated to Retroseum.
26th October 2011 - Basic website framework goes live with simple homepage, about Retroseum and contact pages.
7th April 2011 - Museum MySQL database and exhibit manager GUI completed. Let the catalogueing commence!
September 2008 - The current database and website design was started.
Sometime in 2006 - The Retroseum Project was spawned.

Any support, new information or advice is always welcome. If you think you can contribute please contact me. Donations of hardware and software are also welcome.